Let us calibrate your instruments


As a calibration customer at Instrumentcenter you send your instruments to our calibration laboratory in Nyköping or order our On-Sight service and a calibration technician will come out to you and calibrate on site.


The calibration process

  • Always attach your own purchase order or fill in and attach our order template when you send in instruments.
  • When we have received your instruments, we will email you a receipt with information about the current lead time.
  • After completed calibration, all instruments are marked with SWEDAC color-coded markings as well as our calibration label with the calibration date and the date of the next calibration.
  • All your calibration certificates with measurement data are saved as PDF in our web-based instrument register IC-kal, which you get free access to with your own login.
  • In IC-cal you have a good overview of the status of all instruments that has been sent in for calibration with us.
  • An automatic reminder email is sent to you 20 days before it is time to calibrate again.
  • If any instrument is out of specification during calibration, we will contact you to decide how to proceed (if possible with adjustment and recalibration).
  • If any instrument turns out to be in need of repair, we will contact you.
  • We charge a fee for started calibration that is interrupted as a result of defects on the instrument of which we have not been informed.
  • An evaluation fee is charged for instruments sent for cost proposals for external repair in cases where the cost proposal is not accepted.


Contact us the first time you use our calibration service and we will go through your instrument list.

Our lead time is normally 5-8 working days.
Lead time for express calibration is 1-2 working days - Contact us for agreement and price information.

Become a calibration customer at Instrumentcenter for fast handling and competitive prices!