Meggers Autumn Campaign Cable Finder Set MCT105 + MTF230

Take part in Megger's autumn campaign, which consists of the MCT105 cable finder and the MTF230 socket adapter
Valid until 30/9, 2023.
MCT105 Cable Locator
  • Works on both live and dead cables or conductors
  • Locate conductor breaks and short circuits
  • Identify fuses and circuit beakers
  • Trace conductors buried in the ground
  • Trace metal water and heating pipes
  • Visual and audible signal strength indication
  • Non-contact voltage detector (Receiver)
  • Automatic or manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Built In torch (Receiver) 
MTF230 Socket Adapter
  • Colour coded terminals
  • Standard 4 mm terminals
  • CAT II 300 V
  • Safe and simple to use