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Renting from Instrumentcenter is easy!

You can rent equipment from one week up to as many months as you need and you only pay for the time you need the equipment.

We can also arrange pick-up and return shipping when the rental period is over.

Our rental solution is the perfect way to get the test and measurement instruments you need, without the high cost of ownership and instrument maintenance.


The most rented instruments:


Brand Model



Beha-Amprobe MT204-S

Machinery Tester

3.500 SEK ex. moms

Chauvin Arnoux 6240


3.500 SEK ex. moms

Chauvin Arnoux 6462 

Earth & Resistivity Tester

3.000 SEK ex. moms

Chauvin Arnoux 6549 

Insulation Tester 5kV

4.000 SEK ex moms

Chauvin Arnoux 8336 

Power Analyzer

4.500 SEK ex. moms

DS Instruments SG6000F 

Signal Generator 50MHz-6GHz

2.000 SEK ex. moms

Fluke 190-202 


4.000 SEK ex. moms

Fluke 1775 

3-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

6.000 SEK ex. moms

GW Instek GPT 9804 

Electrical Safety Tester

3.500 SEK ex. moms


Oscilloscope 4-channel 1GHz

6.000 SEK ex. moms


Oscilloscope 4-channels 500MHz

7.000 SEK ex. moms

Rigol DS4014 

Oscilloscope 4-channels 100MHz

3.000 SEK ex. moms

Rigol MSO5354 

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 350MHz

4.000 SEK ex. moms 

Rigol DS7054 

Oscilloscope 4-channels 500MHz

5.000 SEK ex. moms 

Rigol RSA5065N 

Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-6.5GHz

5.500 SEK ex. moms

Schlöder SESD 230 

ESD Simulator 30kV

5.000 SEK ex. moms  


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