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Time Electronics 5075 Digital Multimeter
  • Time Electronics 5075 Digital Multimeter

Time Electronics 5075 Digital Multimeter

Art. nr: Time Electronics 5075

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Product description

  • 7.5 digit resolution
  • AC/DC voltage and current
  • Resistance and temperature
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • 18 ppm best accuracy
  • 10 channel scanner option
  • EasyCal software compatible
The 5075 is a benchtop digital multimeter that combines high performance and accuracy with simple operation.
With speed and precision, the 5075 DMM easily measures from nanovolts to 10kV, from picoamps to 30 Amps, from micro-ohms up to 1G Ohms, from picofarads to 300uF, with up to 7½ digit accuracy and a price that is less than many 6½ digit multimeters.

The low level voltage, current and resistance ranges enables the 5075 to make measurements of small signals without using the 6½ or 7½ digit resolution mode, which is often slow, noisy and inaccurate. For example, with the 30mΩ range a 100nΩ resistance can be resolved using the 6½ digit resolution mode.

The Auto Dynamic Filter (ADF) mode allows the 5075 to automatically select the most suitable filter. For a fast changing signal or for when the signal is first connected the reading is displayed almost immediately, but if the input remains constant, the filter time is increased to provide a more stable accurate reading. If the input were disconnected the filter would immediately return to the fastest.

Operation is simple, all major functions from range selection to null require just one key press.

The large 24 digit, custom vacuum fluorescent display shows clearly the range and reading and can even show the time to the next sample if required.

Other functions can be easily selected from a scrolled menu.

Functions for diode/zener tests, max/min, peak hold and continuity checks are available and also various audible warnings can be selected.

A bar graph function allows the user to program high and low pass/fail limits and switch to the bar display mode.

This will give an audible and visual indication to the user of the components specification.

 A low thermal, 10-channel scanner option, allows multiple inputs to be displayed or compared without the additional cost and inconvenience of a separate switching arrangement.

Also available to complement the 5075 Precision Digital Multimeter is EasyCal software. This will enable the user to automate the calibration of voltage sources, current sources, decade boxes and frequency sources.