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Meatest 9010 Multifunction Calibrator
  • Meatest 9010 Multifunction Calibrator

Meatest 9010 Multifunction Calibrator

Art. nr: Meatest 9010

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Product description

Multifunction calibrator 9010 is designed as universal calibration tool for electrical calibration laboratories, covering most of their workload like multimeters, clamp meters, ohm meters, power meters and power analysers, energy meters, transducers, insulation testers, process meters, scopes and many others. High load capacity of voltage output (up to 50 mA) allows for calibration of high-consumption analogue meters. Installed harmonic and non-harmonic shape signals allow for testing meter sensitivity to distorted signals by a signal with various crest factor. Advancing from previous M14x calibrator series, 9010 can now calibrate even 400 MHz scopes, 1.5 kV insulation testers and 287 kW power meters. On the other hand we kept all the popular functions including complete transducer and external sensor calibration (strain gauge, pressure, torsion, force, etc.) using built-in multimeter, automatic uncertainty calculation, remote control and easy recalibration.


Built-in multimeter

Internal multimeter with basic capability to measure VDC, IDC, R and F process signals is optionally available in 9010. Meter functions can run simultaneously with source functions to measure and evaluate output signals of various types of transducers as well as external sensors (strain gauge, pressure, torsion, force, etc.).


User comfort

9010 calibrator is focused on user friendliness making calibrations simple and straightforward. Each function has its dedicated chunky button and all relevant details like total uncertainty, limits or connection scheme are shown on large LCD. Relative deviation feature can help you with UUT error calculation and this intuitive user environment will even allow you to adjust all internal functions and ranges with no additional equipment.

9010 can be operated remotely via GPIB or RS-232 and can be used both in custom automated solutions (complete communication API is described in user manual) or in WinQbase/Caliber automated calibration systems featuring automated optical UUT readouts.