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Time Electronics 8030 Automatic Pressure Calibrator
  • Time Electronics 8030 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

Time Electronics 8030 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

Art. nr: Time 8030

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Product description

The 8030 is an advanced pressure controller/calibrator suitable for wide workload calibration of pressure devices such as transmitters, sensors and gauges. The standard unit can be configured for multiple ranges from vacuum to 100 bar (1500 psi), integrating up to three high accuracy reference sensors for maximum workload coverage. Additionally a barometric reference option enables absolute pressure emulation. High range dual sensor versions up to 230 bar (3350 psi) are also available.

Due to its fully configurable design, the 8030 offers the maximum flexibility to end user requirements. Accuracy is 0.01 % FS for each internal sensor fitted, and control stability is 0.005 % FS of the active sensor range. This provides the necessary coverage for applications with outstanding accuracy, control and speed for testing applications.

With up to three sensors integrated into the instrument the user is always offered an optimal calibration solution over a very wide pressure range. The 8030 is suitable as a high performance pressure standard in process plants, factories and calibration labs. Routine testing of pressure instrumentation is made quick and simple, whether using the 8030 touch screen display or via EasyCal calibration software.
  • Configurable pneumatic controller
  • Up to 3 internal sensors for -1 to 100 bar
  • Dual sensor versions to 230 bar
  • Accuracy per sensor: 0.01 % FS
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Virtual control app & EasyCal software
  • Barometric reference option
  • Control stability per sensor: 0.005 % FS
  • Gauge, compound, absolute, differential

More information

The 8030 features a colour touch-screen interface with user-friendly menus designed for simple operation, enabling users to quickly learn and master the operation of the module.
Manually specifying pressure set points is made simple with clearly defined controls on
the display. The 8030 auto-ranging capabilities enable each sensor to be actuated as pressure increase or decreases, providing optimal control and accuracy when performing
The 8030 is also supplied with a virtual control panel application that provides a simple user interface for remote operation on a laptop or PC. Set and output pressure, and use the primary front panel buttons as per the instrument display.
The 8030 is supplied with a benchtop 2 port manifold and contamination trap as standard.
Options include the 7165 compact compressor pumps that can supply pressure up to 70 bar.
Vacuum pumps, UUT stands, adaptor kits, fittings and hoses are also available to optimise user set ups and applications.