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ETL UX36 Integrable High Voltage Tester in automatic test systems
  • ETL UX36 Integrable High Voltage Tester in automatic test systems

ETL UX36 Integrable High Voltage Tester in automatic test systems

Art. nr: 70993

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Product description

The UX36 is a very compact, powerful and innovative high voltage tester.

Available with many different combinations as described in the data sheet.
Top model in Hi Pot Testers
The UH36SX is a universal Hi Pot Tester that fulfils various test standards. It has been closely developed in co-operation with users and is easy to use thanks to its intuitive usage. The UH36SX is versatile and can be used on both production lines and assembly lines as well as in workshops and laboratories. The guaranteed future software and hardware platforms in connection with the intelligent interface concept ensure easy adaptation and high flexibility.
Monitoring the test leads for conductor breakage and monitoring the contact with the test object
For highest process safety, so that in the event of a product liability case it can be proved that the test object has been tested.
Freely programmable set of test parameters
For safe and fast alteration of the test parameters.
Ramp function
For particularly easy-on-product testing.
Automatic start
When the test pistol HTP06C (Patent) is triggered then there is a start signal: The high voltage is only activated when the electrical contact has been made with the test object. This protects the test object from surge peaks and ensures the correct test time.
Voltage regulation
For constant test voltage irrespective of any mains voltage fluctuations.
Safety circuit with two controlled relays
Features Summary 3 The best safety techniques as required by the EN 50191.
Measurement of current and voltage directly on the high voltage side
For accurate measurement.
Burn out function
To recognise faulty positions.
Keyboard lock
To prevent inadvertent adjustment of the test parameters.
Potential free high voltage
For maximum safety.
Fault indication: acoustic, optical and via the port
For reliable detection of defective products.
Acoustic signal at the commencement and completion of testing
For safe operation and fatigue-free working.
Display showing the type of fault
For fast narrowing down of the fault.
Remote control mode
For fully automatic remote control of the test equipment via a PC or PLC.
Set up
Individual setting of the start options, language, performance of the digital entries and exits, ramp options, options for the contact and conductor breakage monitoring, and much more.
Updates available via the port
For customers individual requirements via long distance maintenance.