SRS DB64 Coax Delay Box  SRS DB64 Coax Delay Box
  • SRS DB64 Coax Delay Box
  • SRS DB64 Coax Delay Box

SRS DB64 Coax Delay Box

Art. nr: SRS DB64

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Product description

  • Switch controlled time delays
  • 0 to 63.5 ns delay range
  • 0.5 ns resolution
  • Low reflections and feed-through

More information

The SRS Model DB64 Coax Delay Box provides switch-controlled delays from 0 to 63.5 ns with 0.5 ns resolution.

Applications include the timing of photomultiplier coincidences, set-up of time-to-amplitude converters, adjustment of signal phase, or any application which requires an adjustable, high-bandwidth analog delay.


The interchangeable inputs/outputs are on BNC connectors. Internally, the delay line segments consist of accurate lengths of RG58A/U coax cable with 50 Ω characteristic impedance.

DPDT switches are used to insert or remove delay segments. Careful component selection, mechanical design, and PCB layout ensure low reflections and low switch feed-through for high speed signals.


Two DB64s can be mounted side-by-side in a 19" rack using the RM1U rack mount accessory. A chassis lug is provided on the rear panel as a safety ground.