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DS Instruments SG6000L Signal Generator 25-6000MHz with USB & Display
  • DS Instruments SG6000L Signal Generator 25-6000MHz with USB & Display

DS Instruments SG6000L Signal Generator 25-6000MHz with USB & Display

Art. nr: SG6000L_USB
697 EUR

Product description

The DS Instruments SG6000L ultra-compact RF Signal Generator continues to set the industry standard in affordable and portable RF Signal Generation. The SG6000L enables users to generate a high quality RF signal easily and at extremely low cost without need for a host PC. This fully synthesized, modern fractional N synthesis device covers 7 octaves from 24 to 6000 MHz. Max output power is typically above +15 dBm and can be adjusted downward in 0.5dB steps, or continuously via the internal variable attenuator. The RF output step size varies from a maximum of ~3 KHz to less than 40 Hz, depending on band of operation. The crisp OLED display provides useful feedback for the user, and front control buttons provide a quick alternative to USB control. Like most of our products, the SG6000L easily fits in the palm of your hand, making it a truly portable and bench-space-saving device.


SG6000L (Rev 17) Signal Generator Features:

  • Stand-alone and USB remote operation
  • Up to 6GHz output frequency
  • Adjustable output power (Step & Variable)
  • Industry-standard SCPI command support
  • Internal ±2.5PPM TCXO 10MHz reference
  • Front user frequency step buttons
  • Frequency-sweeping support
  • Front-mounted bright OLED display
  • Sturdy black all-aluminum enclosure
  • Simple Windows control GUI
  • Low voltage monitor
  • Powered from standard micro-USB like a smartphone
  • Easy to interface with all software packages (Matlab, python, android, linux, ios…)
  • Optional Ethernet control
  • Optional internal lithium-ion battery pack


RF Signal Generator Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 24-6000 MHz
  • Calibrated power output range: -22 to +15dBm
  • Typical uncalibrated range: -30 to +17dBm
  • Phase Noise at 6GHz: -72dBc @ 10KHz offset
  • Internal Attenuator (digital): 32dB (64x 0.5dB Steps)
  • Internal Attenuator (variable): ~20dB (10 bit DAC)
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ x 1.25″ x 2.15″
  • Input Voltage: 5V Standard micro-USB
  • Typical current requirement: 0.45A
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • RF Connector: Premium gold microwave SMA
  • 10MHz reference input port: MCX connector
SG6000L Common Applications:
  • Automated testing environments
  • General RF Lab use
  • Flexible LO sourcing
  • Antenna design
  • EMC Testing
  • Production verification and testing
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / Defense Research
  • 802.11n Development / Testing
  • LTE Engineering