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SRS SR474 Four-Channel Laser Driver SRS SR474 Four-Channel Laser Driver
  • SRS SR474 Four-Channel Laser Driver
  • SRS SR474 Four-Channel Laser Driver

SRS SR474 Four-Channel Laser Driver

Art. nr: SRS SR474

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Product description

The SR474 Four-Channel Driver interfaces with up to four shutter heads. Rear-panel TTL level inputs are provided for your external timing signals.

Each of the four channels can be set for normally open or normally closed operation.


Each channel has a front-panel State button which allows you to manually change the shutter state.

The channel Source buttons set each channel to manual, external TTL or remote state control.

Each channel also has an Align button that drives its shutter head at a 1 Hz rate making laser alignment simple.

The Global Control section of the front-panel allow you to set or reset all channels to their "normal" states.


As with the SR470, remote operation is supported with GPIB, RS-232 and Ethernet computer interfaces.

All instrument functions can be controlled and read over any of the interfaces.

Shutter faults are automatically detected and result in audible, visible and electronic alarms.


More information

Shutter type: SR470 Series Laser Shutters
Shutter state: Shutter state can be controlled manually from front-panel or from external TTL timing signals.
Channel enable: Front-panel Enable buttons enable or disable each channel.
Global control: Sets or resets all channels to their "Normal" states.
Shutter alignment: Front-panel Align buttons cause selected channels to change state at a 1 Hz rate for easy laser alignment.


Modes: Front-panel Source button selects external TTL, manual or remote (computer interface) state control.
Repetition rate: DC to 125 Hz (any duty cycle) 


System Fault and Alarms
Alarm types: Fault LED indicators, audible alarm and rear-panel TTL output. System automatically detects shutter fault 


Display blanking: Front panel LEDs can be disabled.

Interfaces: GPIB, RS-232 and Ethernet. All instrument functions are controllable over the interfaces.

Auxiliary I/O port: Rear-panel Aux I/O, TTL level 


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