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TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator
  • TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator
  • TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator

TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator

Art. nr: TBCG3-RN6
1 857 EUR

Product description

The Comb generator TBCG3-RN6 is primarily intended for testing radiated settings. It is a useful tool for validating the operation of antennas and preamplifiers, as well as the accurate tuning and configuration of the spectrum analyzer. It is well characterized in an anechoic chamber and the radiated emission plots can be used as a reference to compare an EUT in a non-ideal setup with the cam generator at the same location.
You can choose between five fixed cam frequencies and an external cam frequency with a range of 5 kHz to 200 MHz using a rotary switch.
 The comb generator comes with two monopole antennas, a 30 cm monopole for frequencies up to 300-500 MHz and a 10 cm monopole for frequencies above that.
The radiated comb spectrum is characterized from 5 MHz – 6 GHz.
The TBCG3-RN6 has a 50 Ohm output with an N female connector. The device is powered by six AA NiMH batteries and comes with an external charger.

The housing is machined from solid aluminium. The bottom panel has a 1/4″ – 20 UNC thread that accepts standard tripod bolts.
  • Characterized frequency range: 5 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Comb spectrum plane up to 2 GHz: generally 10 dB at the RF connector
  • Comb spectrum plane up to 6 GHz: generally 40 dB at the RF connector
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Output power: 0 dBm max. @ 100 MHz f comb; decreases 6 dB for each fcomb/2
  • Amplitude stability: < 0.2 dB; <0.1 dB after 15 minutes
  • Aging: < 0.5 dB over 12 months
  • Output connector: N-female
  • Selectable fixed cam frequencies: 100 MHz, 50 MHz, 25 MHz, 10 MHz, 5 MHz
  • Frequency stability: 50 ppm
  • External excitation input: 5 kHz – 200 MHz @ square input signal; 3.3 Vpp max, 100 kHz – 200 MHz @ sine input signal; 3.3 Vpp max
  • External input impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Input connector: SMA female
  • Indicator: Power On LED, Low Battery LED
  • Power supply: 6 x AA NiMH (eg Varta Mignon 2700, not included)
  • Charger: external; Ansmann ACS310
  • Antennas: 30 cm monopole for f<300 … 500 MHz; 10 cm monopole for f>300...500 MHz
  • Operating time: battery capacity / 91 mA
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +45°C; lower operating temperature depending on batteries
  • Housing diameter: 180 mm
  • Housing height: 60 mm
  • weight: 1250 g