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Megger MPQ1000  Power Quality AnalyzerMegger MPQ1000  Power Quality AnalyzerMegger MPQ1000  Power Quality Analyzer

Megger MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer

Art. nr: Megger MPQ1000

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Product description

  • Auto CT identifies the current clamp that is connected to the analyzer as well as the range to which the CT is set.
  • Configuration verification which identifies and notifies you if the product has been connected incorrectly.
  • On-board data analysis which can compare results against canned or custom standards. Create your own templates for internal your company standards.
  • SD Card Support, USB Card Support, USB Communications as well as Ethernet connections, making it versatile.
The MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyzer has features which make it ideal for troubleshooting, compliance testing and energy audits.  Auto CT identification eliminates potential errors due to wrong CT range settings. The analyzer will automatically identify the CT and verify it is connected correctly. This means you can be confident you will have the correct data.

But the hardware is not all it’s about – behind the sturdy exterior is an intelligence that is focused on smart testing, with industry-leading software that enables you to minimize errors while testing, and quickly and easily analyze your results. For example, you can create your own company standard templates that can be stored and compared, as well as check your results against compliance standards.  This saves time, effort and costs, making your entire testing process more efficient.

The software automatically creates custom configurations based on the issue you are troubleshooting, whether it be equipment tripping out, transformer or motor issues, EN50160 analysis or general PQ analysis. This ensures the analyzer will capture the power quality phenomenon that causes those problems. You do not have to be a PQ expert to carry out a comprehensive analysis.


More information

Measurement parameters:
  • RMS voltage
  • RMS current
  • Sags / dips / swells
  • Transients (1 msec) (±2697 V)
  • Sub-cycle events 64 msec (notching, noise)
  • Rapid voltage change
  • Phase angle stability
  • IEC Unbalance
  • ANSII Unbalance
  • Power (KW, KVAR, KVA, DPF & TPF)
  • Energy (KWH, KVARH & KVAH)
  • Power Factor (1 to 0 to -1)
  • Phase Angle
  • THD/TDD Harmonics
  • Inter-Harmonics
  • Power Harmonics
  • Harmonic Direction
  • Flicker
  • Waveform Capture
  • Frequency