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IronMan plus - Constant monitor
  • IronMan plus - Constant monitor

IronMan plus - Constant monitor

Art. nr: IronMan plus
444 EUR

Product description

The electronics is increasingly sensitive to ESD / EOS and the importance of proper ESD protection becomes increasingly important. Sitting in addition to the sensitive electronics of critical products reinforces the requirements further.

IronMan Plus is a constant monitor for monitoring of the entire workplace.

The resistance to ground for both the wrist strap and work surface and monitored system will sound as soon as the resistance is too high or if the contact is broken. IronMan Plus also controls "body voltage" of the operator or the board, and alert if it measures the charge over the set level, the system alerts you with sound and light (part). IronMan Plus can only be used with dual-band wristband with associated cord.

Unlike other monitors, IronMan Plus uses a digital test signal (millivolts), which eliminates the risk of causing interference and damage the electronics.

The benefits of a constant Monitor are several where the most important thing is that the check is carried out continuously when the work is performed and the system immediately alerts whenever something is off the configured alarm levels. Another advantage is that no periodic testing needs to be done, saving both time and money.