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Chauvin Arnoux CA 6528 Insulation Tester up to 11GΩ
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA 6528 Insulation Tester up to 11GΩ

Chauvin Arnoux CA 6528 Insulation Tester up to 11GΩ

Art. nr: CA6528
444 EUR

Product description

  • Voltage: 0 to 700 VAC/DC
  • Insulation: up to 11 GΩ
  • Continuity: 0.02 Ω to 40 Ω
  • Resistance: 1 Ω to 420 kΩ
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Compliant with IEC 61557-1-2-4-10
  • Electrical safety: IEC 61010-1, 61010-2-030, 61010-2-034 - 600V CAT IV
  • IP40
The CA 6528 insulation tester is ideal for maintenance and repair operations on electrical equipment such as motors, cables, etc. Thanks to its "hands-free" bag, the CA 6528 insulation tester can be used without any constraints in the field. The shockproof sheath with stand (props) ensure stability on horizontal surfaces.

The large LCD screen can show the insulation value and the real test voltage simultaneously thanks to its double display. The backlighting makes it easy to read in all circumstances.

The CA 6528 megohmmeter measures resistance, insulation and continuity according to the applicable international standards: IEC 60364, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, etc. The continuity measurement integrates compensation of the cables. Insulation measurement is possible in manual mode, locked mode or programmed-duration mode with the timer. When measuring the voltage, an indicator shows the battery status.

The CA 6528 indicates the test results instantaneously: the screen turns red if the threshold is overrun.

The presence of a hazardous voltage (>30 V) is detected automatically by the CA 6528, which then prohibits insulation testing.

More information


250 V / 500 V / 1000 V

Mätområde isolationsmätning

10 kΩ....11 GΩ


Kontinuitetsmätning med 200 mA mätström samt inställbar alarmgräns 1 Ω eller 2 Ω


Resistansmätning 0,00...420 kΩ

Resistansmätning med DMR

Relativ mätning för värmegolv med visning i %


0...700 V AC och AC+DC


Manuellt, låst samt med timer

Nollning av kabelresistans



Ja inställbart med pass / fel indikering med summer samt displayindikering

Automatisk avstängning

Ja, efter 10 min utan användning

IP klass

IP 40


IEC 61010 kat. IV 600 V

Levereras med

Väska, mätkablar, krokodilklämma, testprob, batterier samt manual


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