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Fluke 124B/EU ScopeMeter Oscilloscope 40MHz, 2-channelsFluke 124B/EU ScopeMeter Oscilloscope 40MHz, 2-channelsFluke 124B/EU ScopeMeter Oscilloscope 40MHz, 2-channels

Fluke 124B/EU ScopeMeter Oscilloscope 40MHz, 2-channels

Art. nr: Fluke 124B/EU
2 129 EUR

Product description

  • Dual-input digital oscilloscope and multimeter in a ScopeMeter® test tool
  • Available with a 40 MHz or 20 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • Features Connect-and-View™ trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • Includes IntellaSet™ technology to automatically and intelligently adjust numerical readout based on measured signal
  • Provides a dual-input waveform and meter reading recorder for trending data over extended periods
The compact ScopeMeter® 120B Series, is the rugged oscilloscope solution for industrial electrical and electro-mechanical equipment troubleshooting and maintenance applications. It’s a truly integrated test tool, putting the functions of an oscilloscope, multimeter, and high-speed recorder into one, easy-to-use instrument. The ScopeMeter 120B Series also integrates with Fluke Connect® mobile app and FlukeView® for ScopeMeter software to enable further collaboration, data analysis, and archiving of critical test information.
Faster electro-mechanical troubleshooting
Troubleshoot faster and get the answers you need to keep systems up and running. Display waveforms with Connect and View™ trigger and setup technology. Automatically view related numerical measurements using Fluke IntellaSet™ technology, all without making manual measurement adjustments. With Recorder Event Detect capabilities, elusive intermittent events are captured and logged for easy viewing and analysis.
Connect-and-View™ triggering for an instant, stable display
Oscilloscope users know how difficult triggering can be. Using the wrong settings can lead to unstable waveform captures, and sometimes, even the wrong measurement data. Fluke’s unique Connect-and View™ triggering technology recognizes signal patterns, and automatically sets up the correct triggering to provide a stable, reliable, and repeatable display.

Connect-and-View™ triggering is designed to work with virtually any signal, including motor drives and control signals— without adjusting parameters, or even touching a button. Signal changes are instantly recognized, and settings are automatically adjusted providing a stable display even when measuring multiple test points in quick succession.
  • Fluke 124B Hand-Held Oscilloscope
  • Shielded Test Leads with Black Ground Leads
  • Test Lead Black (for Grounding)
  • Hook Clips (red, blue)
  • Banana-to-BNC Adapters (black, x1)
  • 10:1 Voltage Probe
  • USB Angled Adapter
  • WiFi USB Adapter*
  • Switch Mode Power Supply, Adapter/Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack