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ETS EAC-3S 750 - 30000 VA 3 phase Electronic AC power sources
  • ETS EAC-3S 750 - 30000 VA 3 phase Electronic AC power sources

ETS EAC-3S 750 - 30000 VA 3 phase Electronic AC power sources

Art. nr: ETS EAC-3S

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Product description

  • Power range from 250 up to 10.000 VA
  • Output voltage from 0 - 700 VAC or 1000 VDC per phase
  • Variable frequency from 1 up to 2000 Hz
  • Wave forms sine, triangle and rectangle
  • Maximum current of up to 80 A per phase
  • Simulation of 1 or 3 phases
  • Graphic Display
  • Measurement of voltage, effective current, average value, peak current, active power, idle power, apparent power, power factor and crest factor.
  • Script control: process programming and booting from memory card.
  • Creation of user-defined wave formes and programming via memory card or digital interface.
  • Three preinstalled wave formes (programming via memory card).
  • Data log function: current operating values are saved to the memory card within an adjustable interval.
  • Script control combined with the data log function enables the build-up of an independent „stand alone" testing position.
  • Voltage and current mode operation
  • Free memory for three programmable curves (WAV files), enabled via an external SD card (optional).
  • Adjustable external oscillator input ± 10 V (optional).
  • Digital interfaces: IEEE, RS 232 / 485, USB, LAN (optional).
  • Galvanic isolated analog interface: 0 - 5 V or 0 - 10 V (optional).
  • Sync input for synchronization with external sources.
  • Sync output for triggering external measurement devices or similar.
  • Disengageable output voltage during a specific number of half periods (optional). (Dip function, programmable via digital interface)
  • Engageable output voltage during a specific amount of time (optional). (Gate function, programmable via digital interface).
  • Fixed programmed EN61000-4-11-certified Testing procedure (via front panel).
  • Customer specific models on request.

More information

The AC source of the EAC-35 750 series is equipped with a proven linear power stage for securelysupplying the power application.


The various computer interfaces provide for a state-of-the-art connection of the AC source to all common means of communications.


Measurement and input values as well as programmable wave forms are graphically displayed by means ofa high-resolution and high-luminosity display.


User-defined wave forms can be

read from an SD card via the
external SD card slot.


Additionally, the user can access permanently stored waves.