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Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System
  • Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System

Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System

Art. nr: Chroma 17011

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Product description

  • High precision output and measurement up to 0.015% of full scale
  • Fast current response up to <100 μS
  • High sampling rate up to 10 mS
  • Flexible sampling recording (Δt, ΔV, ΔI, ΔQ, ΔE)
  • Channel parallel output function with maximum 1200A output
  • High efficiency charge and discharge with low heat
  • Energy recycling during discharge (AC/DC bi-directional regenerative series)
  • Waveform simulation function (current/power mode)
  • Built-in DCIR test function
  • Built-in HPPC test function
  • Built-in EDLC capacitance and DCR test function
  • Operating modes: CC / CP / CV / CR / CC-CV / CP-CV / Rest / SD test
  • Multi-level safety protection mechanism
  • Integrating data logger and chamber



  • Electric vehicle
  • Electric scooter/bike
  • Energy storage system
  • Power tools
  • Quality inspection agency
  • Academic research
The Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Test System is a high precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells, electrical double layer capacitors (EDLC), and lithiumion capacitors (LIC). It is suitable for product development, quality control, and is helpful to characteristic research, cycle life testing, product screening, and quality assessment.

The Chroma 17011 has linear circuit and regenerative AC/DC bi-directional models for different applications. The linear circuit test systems feature extremely low output noise and high measurement accuracy and are applicable for testing small and medium sized energy storage components. The regenerative bi-directional test systems with high efficiency, power saving, low heating, and stable measurement capabilities suit testing medium and large size energy storage components or power type battery cells and fit green energy low carbon emission production.

In addition to the commonly used constant current (CC), constant power (CP), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and rest test modes, Chroma 17011 is also equipped with waveform simulation functions and test items including DCIR, HPPC, EDLC capacitance, and EDLC DCR that comply with the international standards, so making program editing and test results analysis much easier.

The Chroma 17011 test system has flexible software editing functions embedded that can create basic charging/discharging or complex cycle tests for each channel to run independently. The program can edit logic decisions to jump or output variables, and pause or resume. It also has data protection functions to securely store the data in a nonvolatile memory in case of a power outage or disconnected communication, as to prevent potential data loss and resume the tests after reboot.

Since safety is crucial for testing lithium-ion battery cells, the design of Chroma 17011 offers a variety of safety protections. Before starting, a contact check and polarity check avoid testing under poor connection. During testing, besides the preloaded hardware circuit protection, the user can customize the firmware to detect overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overcapacity (OQP), voltage / current variation (ΔV / ΔI), loop resistance and other anomalies to safeguard the lithium-ion battery cells.