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Start | Products | Power products | DC-Sources | ETS LAB/HP High Power = compact design 3-63kW up to 1.4MW
ETS LAB/HP High Power = compact design 3-63kW up to 1.4MW
  • ETS LAB/HP High Power = compact design 3-63kW up to 1.4MW

ETS LAB/HP High Power = compact design 3-63kW up to 1.4MW

Art. nr: ETS LAB/HP

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Product description

The DC sources of the LAB/HP series are characterized by a high power density of up to 21 kW in 3 U. The sources are controlled by a microcontroller which generates the parameters for the analog control.

The professional version includes a comprehensive set of additional features which facilitate both daily work and adapting the source to the customer application.

The maximum power available in 19" cabinets is 1.4 MW.

Using multiple sources in conjunction with each other does not negatively impact the tolerances nor the speed of the sources. 

This is achieved through the modular internal design of the sources.


More information

  • 3 kW to 63 kW
  • Output voltages up to 1500 V (2000 V)
  • Output currents up to 2250 A
  • Internal temperature regulated fan
  • Display via TFT touch display
  • Constant voltage, current, resistance and power operation, as well as PV-characteristic curve simulation
  • USB stick, for example for data-log function
  • Create any type of voltage or current curve via USB stick or digital interface (sequential operation) Script operation, in conjunction with the Datalog function, enables an independent stand-alone test field to be set up.
  • Datalog function: Current operating values are saved to the USB stick at adjustable time intervals.
  • ATI 5/10 galvanically isolated analog interface: 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V (user selectable ) and soft interlock
  • Adjustable filter function for the analog interface
  • Digital interfaces IEEE488, RS485 RS232, LAN and USB
  • Voltage rise time and current rise time (U and I slopes) are adjustable
  • Vmax and Imax can be set by the user in order to limit output voltage and output current
  • A switch-off time, that starts once the Start button has been pressed, can be set
  • Create V / I output characteristics (e.g. for PVSim, shading) which can be saved on USB stick
  • “High speed” Rise and fall time of the DC output voltage is reduced by an average factor of 10 shortened compared to standard times.
  • OVP, OTP, UVP and OCP protective functions
  • Floating output
  • Special versions available on request