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Rohde & Schwarz NGL-COM2B
  • Rohde & Schwarz NGL-COM2B

Rohde & Schwarz NGL-COM2B

Art. nr: R&S NGL-COM2B
4 192 EUR

Product description

Thanks to their high accuracy and fast load recovery time, the R&S®NGL200 power supplies are perfect for challenging applications. Their two-quadrant architecture allows them to function both as a source and a sink to simulate batteries and loads. Their short recovery times enable them to handle fast load changes that occur for example when mobile communications devices switch from sleep mode to transmit mode.


The single-channel R&S®NGL201 and the two-channel R&S®NGL202 deliver up to 60 W of output power per channel. The output channels are floating, galvanically isolated and protected against overload and short circuits.

Thanks to their fast recovery time of < 30 µs and minimum overshoot even during a demanding load change, the R&S®NGL200 power supplies are ideal for powering IoT devices and other battery-operated devices.

With a resolution of up to 6½ digits when measuring voltage, current and power, the R&S®NGL200 power supplies are perfect for characterizing devices that have low power consumption in standby mode and high current in full load operation. In many cases, an additional digital multimeter is no longer necessary.


The linear two-quadrant design of the output stages allows the R&S®NGL200 power supply series to operate as a source and sink with minimum residual ripple and noise, ideally supporting the development of power amplifiers and MMICs.


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