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Beha Amprobe MT204-S Machinery tester
  • Beha Amprobe MT204-S Machinery tester

Beha Amprobe MT204-S Machinery tester

Art. nr: 71631
1 432 EUR 2 698 EUR

Product description

Used as demo - Sold as is incl. calibration certificate.
• PE resistance measurement
• Loop / mains impedance measurement
• Insulation resistance measurement
• Residual voltage measurement
• High voltage test

Product information
• Data memory for approx. 2000 measurement results
• Integrated interface (USB 2.0) for transfer of measurement results to PC
• Separate interface (USB 2.0) for connection of USB barcode reader, USB keyboard or USB memory stick
• Graphic LC-Display for measurement values, limit values and test parameters
• Connection diagrams and limit values in the instrument cover
• One pair of sockets and test leads only for all measurement functions
• Compensation of test lead’s resistance for earth bond resistance and loop impedance measurement
• High-voltage test can be locked by using the protection key switch
• Visual and acoustic limit value display

Product highlights
• Earth bond resistance measurement with 10 A AC or 0.2 A AC
• Loop / mains impedance measurement up to 440V
• Display of prospective short circuit current
• Insulation resistance measurement with 250 V to 500 V test voltage (adjustable)
• Residual voltage measurement Display of the discharge voltage / discharge time
• Integrated high-voltage test (can be switched off by means of a key switch)
• Easy operation using the rotary switch and the START/STOP button